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Aqua Shapes Rs. 5,119/-
Blue Earthy Shape Abstracts
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Availability: Made to order

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Return/Exchange: 21 days from order (refer policy)

Cost to ship: Free within India

Canvas: High-quality cotton canvas (320/380 gsm)

Colours: Premium CAMLIN Brand Colours

The first abstract painting showcases a harmonious blend of blue, brown, and green hues, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. The organic shapes and lines overlap in a fluid and dynamic manner, drawing the viewer's eye across the canvas in a mesmerizing dance. The addition of gold speckles adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, catching the light and adding depth to the composition. The second abstract painting features a more vibrant color palette, with bold pops of blue and green contrasting against rich brown tones. The organic shapes and lines in this piece are more angular and geometric, creating a sense of energy and movement. The gold speckles are scattered throughout the painting, adding a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the overall composition. The third abstract painting is a study in balance and harmony, with a delicate interplay of soft blues, greens, and browns. The organic shapes and lines in this piece are more subtle and understated, creating a sense of tranquility and peace. The gold speckles are sparingly used in this painting, adding a subtle shimmer and sparkle to the overall composition. Each of these handmade paintings is a unique and captivating work of art, showcasing the artist's skill in creating dynamic compositions with a rich and varied color palette. These pieces would make a stunning addition to any art collection, bringing a touch of beauty and elegance to any space.

Vendor: Craftico Creations
Type: Handmade Painting
Type: Semi Handmade, Full Handmade
Size (in Inches): 12*18 (3 Pieces), 16*24 (3 Pieces), 20*30 (3 Pieces), 24*36 (3 Pieces)
Frame Type: Rolled Canvas, Borderless
Weight::  0.5 kg

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