Teal Abstracts
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Canvas: High-quality cotton canvas (320/380 gsm)

Colours: Premium CAMLIN Brand Colours

The first abstract painting in this set features a striking composition of teal and dark blue hues, accented with touches of gold and brown. The canvas is filled with a mix of solid and textured circles, creating a sense of movement and depth. Thin gold lines swirl and loop across the surface, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The second painting in the series showcases a more subdued color palette, with shades of white, teal, and gold dominating the composition. The circles in this piece are more delicately rendered, with the textured circles adding a sense of tactile interest to the work. The gold lines in this painting create intricate patterns that draw the viewer's eye across the canvas, inviting them to explore the piece in more detail. The final painting in this collection is a bold and dynamic piece, featuring a mix of dark blue, gold, and brown tones. The circles in this painting are larger and more solidly rendered, creating a sense of weight and presence on the canvas. The gold lines in this piece are more pronounced, creating bold swirls and loops that add a sense of energy and movement to the composition. Overall, these three abstract paintings are a stunning example of the artist's skill and creativity. The unique compositions, rich color palette, and intricate details make each piece a captivating work of art that is sure to enhance any space it is displayed in.

Vendor: Craftico Creations
Type: Handmade Painting
Type: Semi Handmade, Full Handmade
Size (in Inches): 12*18 (3 Pieces), 16*24 (3 Pieces), 20*30 (3 Pieces), 24*36 (3 Pieces)
Frame Type: Rolled Canvas, Borderless
Weight::  0.5 kg

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