Craftico's Guide to Home Decor: Elevate Your Space with Handcrafted Charm

Craftico's Guide to Home Decor: Elevate Your Space with Handcrafted Charm



In the world of home decor, there's an undeniable charm and uniqueness that comes with handcrafted pieces. These items carry a touch of the artisan's soul and a story that's richer than anything mass-produced. If you're looking to infuse your living spaces with character and warmth, Craftico’s handcrafted charm is the way to go. 


In this blog, we'll delve into the art of Craftico’s Guide to  home decor, exploring its allure, significance, and how to make the most of it. At Craftico we are on a mission to be your ultimate destination for artistic and handcrafted products in India, and we believe that handcrafted home decor is at the heart of this journey.



Handcrafted Home Decor


What sets handcrafted home decor apart from its factory-made counterparts is the human touch. Each piece is a labor of love, reflecting the dedication and skill of the artisan who crafted it.


Here are some of the reasons why handcrafted home decor is so appealing:


Reason for Appeal

of Handcrafted 

Home Decor





Handcrafted items are one-of-a-kind, reflecting individuality and distinctive taste. No two pieces are identical, making them a statement of uniqueness.




Artisans invest time in perfecting their craft, resulting in the highest quality products. Attention to detail, premium materials, and commitment to excellence make handcrafted decor durable and long-lasting.




Each handcrafted piece carries a story inspired by the artisan's culture, experiences, or personal journey. This adds depth and meaning to your decor, turning it into more than just an item but a narrative within your home.




Handcrafted items often use sustainable materials, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint compared to mass production. Choosing handcrafted home decor is not just a style statement but also a conscious, sustainable choice for a greener future.



What to Look for in Handcrafted Home Decor


When shopping for handcrafted home decor, there are a few factors to consider ensuring you're getting the best quality and value:



Take a close look at craftsmanship. Are the details well-executed? Is the piece well-finished? Artisans who take pride in their work pay attention to every detail. You should inspect the piece carefully, checking for the precision and skill evident in its creation.



Understand the materials used. Handcrafted decor often utilizes natural, sustainable, and locally sourced materials. Knowing what you're buying helps you appreciate its value and its impact on the environment.



Ensure the authenticity of the piece. Ask questions about the artisan's background, the creation process, and any certifications or awards they may have received. Genuine handcrafted piece often come with stories and certifications that validate their authenticity.



Many artisans offer customization options, allowing you to tailor a piece to your specific requirements. This personal touch can make your decor even more special and unique to your taste. Customization ensures that the piece fits perfectly into your space.


Care Instructions

Handcrafted items may require specific care instructions to maintain their beauty and quality. Ensure you're aware of how to care for your decor to ensure it retains its luster and longevity.


How To Choose Wall Art For Your Living Room


Adding wall art is one of the easiest ways to transform the space, and it's also one of the most affordable ways to bring personality, colour and style. So, where do we start when it comes to choosing the perfect piece for the living room?


1. Find your living room's focal point.


The focal point in your living room is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in. If it's the sofa where everyone sits, then a large piece of abstract wall art on the wall above is always a great conversation starter.

If it's the fireplace, you might want to hang something simple and minimal to avoid detracting. It might be your super cosy rug; if so, make sure you choose wall art that compliments the style and colours like Harmony In Motion . Remember to leave enough breathing space around the artwork so you and your guests can fully appreciate the piece.


2. Think about how you want the room to feel.


Cosy & calming

Some of us want our living rooms to be the most relaxing space in the house; for those precious weekends and evening hours we all crave after a busy day's work! Bring nature's colour palette into the space with warming neutral wall art and earthy hues. Add soft textures and candles and choose modern abstract wall art like Crimson Canopy that soothes the tone of the room.


Full of energy

Maybe you have a large open-plan living space full of life and great for entertaining - choose artwork that makes you smile and brings energy to the room. Think bold abstract shapes, stripes, checkerboards and botanical prints like Serene Oasis .


Elegant & formal

For the formal living rooms that sometimes feel like a treat to enjoy, the "watch the carpet!" ones, these relaxed and elegant spaces suit a stand-out piece that takes pride of place, something unique and personal to you. Go big in this space with an abstract landscape.


A place to forget the chaos

For those with hectic schedules that need a place to forget the chaos with absolutely no clutter - choose minimal abstracts in a fresh, light colour palette with clean lines and neutral tones.


3. Decide on the size of the artwork.

The size of the artwork can play a big part in the overall feel of your living room. Maybe you've got your eye on a piece of artwork, but is it the right size for your space? Or you've got a space and are unsure which size to choose?


Small wall art

Great for leaning on shelves in alcoves or a media wall. Consider using different heights to create interest. This could be leaning a tall portrait piece on the same shelf as small decorative bowls, plants, or wide landscape prints with tall vases or candle sticks.


Medium Wall Art

Medium wall art can be a great option placed alongside an occasional chair or paired with another smaller piece of furniture, like a side table. This creates interest whilst not overwhelming the space.


Large Wall Art

Large wall art works great above a sofa or a focal point like a fireplace. It's easier and cleaner to go with a large, framed canvas or framed print like Wild Serenity. Think about the height of the room and leave enough space around the artwork to avoid it making the room feel smaller.

The good thing about wall art is that you can mix it up and move it around as many times as you like to make the space work for you.


Pro tip: Outline the artwork's dimensions on your wall with masking tape or sheets of paper. Then, take a step back or even leave it on your wall for a day or two, and you will get a good feel for its size. If it's a toss-up between two different sizes, mark the first one out and take a photo, repeat for the second and compare the photos on your phone to help decide which size looks right.




Craftico's Guide to Home Decor invites you to embrace the artisanal charm that transforms a house into a home. By choosing handcrafted pieces, you not only elevate your living spaces aesthetically but also contribute to a narrative that reflects your unique style and values. Craftico’s commitment to providing artistic and handcrafted products ensures that your home becomes a canvas for meaningful stories and exceptional craftsmanship. Elevate your space with Craftico, where every piece tells a story, and every story becomes a part of your home. 

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